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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me?
There is no cost to employees or employers. jobmatch is free.
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How can I register?
We can help you with the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) application form if you contact or visit:

939 Dufferin Ave., Wallaceburg, ON
120 Wellington St., Chatham, ON
Call: 519-627-7882
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Do I have to be on Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) to qualify?
No. You can qualify without being registered with ODSP. You will need to register with jobmatch (519-627-7882, and have a doctor fill out a verification of disability form and meet ODSP qualification guidelines.
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Is there reimbursement for employment related expenses?
Yes. Once an employee receives a pay stub, an additional $100.00 is added to your ODSP each month to assist with transportation and other work related expenses. This reimbursement exists as long as an employee is working.
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Is there money available to assist with expenses related to job search and job start up?
Yes, there is a start-up benefit of $500.00 to help you secure and keep a job. Eligible expenses include clothing, licenses and other related costs.
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If I make more money than my ODSP each month, will I loose my extended health benefits?
No. No matter how much you make, you will still have your health, dental and eyeglass coverage. Also, any childcare benefits will not be affected.
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When I start my job, how is my ODSP affected?
Designed to assist people to find jobs, ODSP will deduct 50% of your income made at your job.

Here is an example:

1. If your ODSP cheque is typically $799.00/month   $799
2. You earned $600.00 at your job
minus the (50%) ODSP deduction
($600 - $300)= $300
3. Plus the $100 for your employment expenses   $100
  Your entire income would be $1,199   $1,199
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Where do I start/ What do I do to find a job?
1. Meet with jobmatch to identify your skills and dreams
2. Talk about where you would like to work
3. Work with a jobmatch community support worker to create a resumé
4. jobmatch will follow up with your selected employer and advocate for your hiring
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How is jobmatch funded?
jobmatch is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services through Community Living Wallaceburg.
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