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Advantages for Employers

jobmatch staff supports employees:
  • With assigned tasks and duties at work
  • To gain further independence over time on the worksite
  • To learn new skills that contribute to the productivity of the business

Based on jobmatch surveys:
  • 46% of employers say that workers who have a disability work harder than other workers
  • 97% of workers who have a disability have average to above average attendance records
  • Workers who have a disability are five times more likely to stay on the job than workers who do not have a disability
  • 39% of workers who have a disability were found to be more reliable than other workers

jobmatch contributes to your success by:
  • Reducing time and cost required to meet employment needs
  • Pre-screening applicants
  • Providing individualized job training at no cost
  • Reducing turn-over in staff
  • Improving your reputation as an equal opportunity employer
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